Equipment Protection Plan (DAMAGE WAIVER)

HRR Rentals understand that people rent equipment that is often too expensive to own. Occasional use leads to unfamiliar controls and characteristics. That’s why HRR Rentals has provided the Equipment Protection Plan service to cover repair charges if the equipment rented is damaged during normal use.

The charge for the EPP service is a percentage of the total rental fee and will appear as a separate line item on the invoice. If Customer accepts the EPP service, which IS NOT INSURANCE, then HRR Rentals agrees to waive some of the Customer’s responsibility to HRR Rentals for the damage to the equipment up to the larger of the following applicable amounts: (a) $500 per item of equipment; or (b) double the 4 week rental charge in effect on the date this agreement is entered into. EPP only covers the costs of repair of the rental equipment damaged during normal use of the equipment.

Exclusions do apply — please consult our full Rental Contract Terms and Conditions (below) to fully understand the protections afforded you and your responsibilities under this plan.

Click Here to View Our Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions


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