Frequently Asked Questions

If I rent something today, when do I have to have it back for a one day rental?

Rental rates are based on time out, not time used.  You have a 24 hour window from the time the unit leaves until it is returned to us, for a one day rate.  We also offer weekly and 4 week rates to accommodate your requirements.

Can I rent for 1/2 a day or by the hour?

Some equipment rentals are available by the 1/2 day, others are available at a minimum 2 hour charge.  Please call our showroom or contact your sales rep for information.

I want to do home improvements or yard changes, but am nervous about renting a piece of equipment and not operating it properly.

You would be amazed at how easy some equipment is to operate.  Our professional counter staff are eager to explain and demonstrate how to use your equipment so you can get your job done.  You will also be surprised how much money you can save by doing it yourself.

If I rent something and like it a lot – what are my purchase options?

In one word – “Many”    At HRR Rentals, we sell everything we rent, and rent everything we sell!  If you have a desire to ‘try before you buy’, you can do so.  And, a portion of your rental expense can usually be rebated to your purchase of that unit.

The piece of equipment I need for my job is large and cumbersome – how will I get it to my work site?

HRR Rentals offers a large, capable fleet of transportation vehicles, each manned with a professional, courteous and helpful driver.  Everything we sell and rent, we can also deliver – just about anywhere!

Why should I rent?

Renting is the easy way to get things done.  Using a scissor lift rather than assembling scaffold repeatedly, isn’t just easier, it is safer and faster.  These specialty types of equipment can be very expensive – and renting allows you to use it only when you need it, not having to worry about transportation, maintenance or storing the unit.  And renting does not tie up capital.

Why should I buy?

More people are finding that purchasing specialty equipment has become a possibility when dealing with a firm like High River Rentals.  Because we can transport your equipment to you, AND from site to site, the daunting size, weight and nature of the equipment is no longer a problem.  Because HRR Rentals can service your equipment for you – either at your location or ours – you know that having a full time specialty mechanic on your staff is not necessary for that unit.  Equipment manufacturers are eager to move their gear and often have fantastic incentives and rates that we can pass on to you.

What about financing?

We work with the best financing firms in the industry.  After understanding your business, your needs and desires, we will recommend a number of financial institutions that specialize in this type of equipment you are purchasing.  We will stay involved and help to ensure you get exactly what you want and need.

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